About Dear BUBU

  • What is "Dear BUBU"? 

A common platform for Bangladeshi students that works to improve their overall health, wellness & fitness condition.

  • Who is ‘BUBU’?​
"BUBU" is someone like our eldest sister who takes care of us, listens to our stories without judging us, who helps us to overcome tough times, guides us to grow. BUBU often plays a crucial role throughout our lives.
  • What does "BUBU" mean?
The word "BUBU" indicates someone, like our elder sister, who takes care of us, listens to our stories without judging us; who helps us to overcome tough times, guides us to grow.
  • Who are the people behind ‘Dear BUBU’?
We are a family of empaths from diverse backgrounds i.e. Psychology, Engineering, HealthCare, Development & Business Studies. Our team members came from various educational institutions like BUET, Dhaka University, BUP. Wellness & Well-being is in our heart, and we genuinely care about the well-being of our fellow youth of Bangladesh.

About Account/Membership

  • How to be a member of "Dear BUBU"?
Anyone from anywhere anytime can become a valued member of Dear BUBU only by creating an account on our website. Presently, we don't charge for membership.

  • How to open an account on ‘Dear BUBU’?
Visit Registration page. Just fill the form up, submit and confirm by clicking the link sent to your e-mail after submitting the registration form.
  • What are the privileges can I get from an account?
Membership is free. As our valued member, you will have access to our Self-Test modules, Free Appointment Facility, Library of Best-Selling Books, our Exclusive Contents on blog section and many more opportunities (yet to announce).

About Our Service

  • How can I get help?
You may get help by contacting our care-professionals through the phone call, email and chat window on our website. Reach out to us.
  • What do I get on this platform?
Presently, almost all the needs for well-being can be met through this platform.
Self-Assessment, Question & Answer, Self-Help Books & Blogs, Access to Global Opportunities & Appointment for Counseling Session all of these you will get in this platform.
  • Is there any online video session for counseling?
Presently, we are not offering the video session facility. If needed in future, we will love to add that feature.
  • Is there any scope for phone call session for counseling?
Yes. Contact our care-professionals.

About Privacy and Safety

  • What are the privacy policies of ‘Dear BUBU’?
Please visit our Privacy Policy & Terms & Condition Pages.
  • Is my information safe?
Of course. We don't share any of your information with third parties without your permission. We collect your information only for serving you properly and conducting research on the condition of Bangladeshi youth. In research work, we don't share information that reveals anyone's identity.
  • What does “Dear BUBU” strictly prohibit?​
Unauthorized access to users' personal information, Violation of privacy, Bullying & Abusing others.

About Counselors/ Specialists

  • Who are the counselors?
Counselors are those persons who hold institutional degrees and professional experiences for counseling. Our coaches are from different reputed institutions of Bangladesh. You may find them on our "Expert" section of the website.
  • Who will help me?
Primarily, our trained care-professionals will take care of your needs. Then you will be forwarded to experienced professionals for treatments.
Or you may directly contact counselors on our website by taking appointment through our site.
  • How long will my counselor(s) provide support for me?

Your counselor will serve you as long as you need her help. But the duration of each counseling session is 50-60 minutes. You can take as many sessions as you need by paying the fee for each course. 

About Fees

  • Do I have to pay?
Yes. For the counseling session, you need to pay first. We don't charge for the access to the resources on our website.
  • What are the fees?
Standard Fee is BDT 1500.
Since we prioritize your accessibility to low-cost service over our needs, we offer the discounted rates for students and few other groups of people.
  • Is there any privilege for students?
Yes. Please contact our care-professional.
  • How to pay?

You will see payment option and process on our payment page. 

Not Answered?

Please write us: info@dearbubu.com

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